Dosing by weight

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The weighing system is the most commonly used in the food and other industries due to its versatility, accuracy in weighing and cost-effectiveness.

Quality packaging requires accurate weighing, and at IMC, we ensure accurate weighing quality with our weighing equipment, from an individual weigher or two weighers to a circular multi-head machine consisting of 10 or 14 weighers, using the latest technology in our weighing systems for the most demanding requirements.

The multi-head packaging models are especially recommended for working in all kinds of environments, with the manufacture of special models for cases involving work with frozen product or in areas with a high percentage of humidity for example, by replacing the electro-motors with rotary pneumatic cylinders.

Our own production of the different types of multi-weighers led to the launch of our new linear multi-head range, from 10/14 or 16 weighers, ideal for fragile products (industrial confectionary, long biscuits, sponge cakes, etc. ), large pieces (fish, meat, carrot, onion, potato, etc…)