Dosing by volume

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Dosing ensures that the product is packaged without losses or breakage when passing through the different areas until it reaches the bag.

The dosing machine adapts to any type of product and any requirement, no matter how complicated the condition of the product may be.

Special care is taken with all components, which are tested before leaving our factory to ensure that our customers are happy with their machine.

Dosing is divided, depending on the product that is going to be packaged.

From our RV4 revolver that is composed of four concentric vessels mounted on top of acetal dishes ideal for ice cubes, crush, etc., to our RV6 constructed in 304 AISI stainless steel with a flap closure system ensuring very accurate weighing by volume and very clean and easy to pack method, the machines are specialised for the dosing of products such as salt, bird seed, lentils, rice, nuts, etc.

Depending on the product packaging and its density, we also have our helical dosing system ideal for powders, (flour, cement, paint, dough, etc.) or our special dosing machine for liquid, that combined with our water filling machine for example, allows us to obtain exceptional performance

We also have our flush-fitted conveyor belt, which is used to package dry goods, salts, ice flakes etc.

We also offer a solution to all our customers so ensure that they are satisfied while also covering many types of product packaging.

Our R&D department is constantly evolving to adapt to our customers´ requirements.