AC-650 2P (two weighers)

Technical Specifications

- Maximum bag width: adaptable depending on the packaging machine fitted.
- Maximum bag length: adaptable depending on the packaging machine fitted.
- Maximum coil diameter: 320 mm.
- Maximum coil width: 650 mm.
- 220 / 380v AC power supply
- 7 bar air supply.
- Air consumption: depends on weight and number of bags.


- Touch Screen.
- Unwinder.
- Stainless steel chassis.
- Includes instruction manual.
- Memory of up to 16 different programs.
- Movement of product through vibratory channels.
- Premium brand components.


- 2 automatic packaging machine models.
- Perfectly adaptable to any type of food, hardware product etc.
- Multidisciplinary, with the possibility of adding any accessory such as a hopper or hoist.
- Easy to learn operation
- Specially designed to use the same product, producing two different types of packaging, one for each packaging machine.


- Thermo printer for batch, date, expiry date.
- Vacuum belts.
- Inert gas valve (protective atmosphere).
- Chromatic cell.
- Encoder.
- Feed hoist.
- Feed hopper.
- Output conveyor belt.
- Rotary table.
- Vibrators.
- Manual or motorised coil alignment.
- Additional support for promotional roll band.

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