16p linear multi-head

Technical Specifications

- No. heads 16
- Weigher range: This factor significantly depends on the type of product and the number of weighers.
- Precision: ±1g (depending on product)
- Output: 90 p/m SPP
- Microprocessor: 16 bit.
- Power supply: 220/380 v AC
- (Approximate units)


- Stainless steel machinery finish.
- Weigher electronic control.
- Weights are easy to clean thanks to the fact that they can be removed from the machine.
- Each weight has its own vibrator and sensor to distribute the product to the weight required.
- Canvas conveyor belt.
- The bowl capacity can be adapted to the needs of the customer.


- Electronically controlled weighing system.
- Perfectly adaptable to any type of long vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, corn cobs, aubergines, leeks, green beans, etc.
- Can also be adapted to pre-cooked and frozen products.


- 16 weights.
- 16 sensors.
- 20 vibrators.
- 16 blades.
- Double output conveyor belt to allow increased speed of input of products to the respective packaging machines.
- Product receptor hopper composed of 4 vibrators to distribute the product evenly.
- Multi-head control screen.

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